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We are often told that it is wrong to judge others by the way they look, but most of us are acutely aware that our appearance is a determining factor in social status, professional success, and relationships. Being fit is not just about vanity; your physical condition tells people whether you are healthy, industrious, and able to carry out personal and professional duties.

Carrying excess weight is not just bad for your health and life expectancy, it can really hurt your finances. Obesity increases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other conditions that require regular medication, doctor visits, and expensive tests and treatments. The good news is that even if you have been overweight for many years, reducing caloric intake and starting a healthier lifestyle can still make a big difference.

This website is dedicated to the industry-leading weight management program, Clean 9 by Forever Living. We are still working to get everything up and running here. Feel free to look around and please also visit our blog Aloe Very Much to learn more about Clean 9 and other great products from Forever Living.

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