How much weight will I lose on Clean 9?

First of all, you need to remember that 1 Clean 9 program is designed to last 9 days and one can’t reasonably expect to lose a lot of weight in just 9 days. Clean 9 is designed to jump-start your weight loss effort and repeated until your goal weight has been reached or followed by the Nutri-Lean/Lifestyle 30 program.

Still, many people want to get an idea of how much weight they can lose on the 9 days of Clean 9. While we can offer you a very rough estimate based solely on reduced caloric intake while on the program, no one can give you an exact answer due to varying individual factors including but not limited to:

  • How much weight you have to lose – Someone who is only 10 lbs overweight will see much less weight loss than someone who is 100 lbs. overweight.
  • Your individual metabolism – A person with a high metabolism could lose a lot more weight in the 9 days than a person with a slow metabolism.
  • Your activity level – If you have an active lifestyle where you spend a lot of time on your feet, walking and exercising, you may see more weight loss than a person who isn’t very active.
  • Your job – If you spend 8 hours a day working at a desk, you may lose less weight than a person who spends their workday on their feet.

We offer a method to estimate weight loss while on Clean 9, but this calculation is based purely on caloric intake. It does not take into account:

  • Caloric output from exercise and physical activity
  • Extra fat metabolized by Garcinia Plus
  • Your metabolism
  • Your lifestyle

Therefore, the estimated weight lost calculated by this worksheet will most likely be less than what you actually lose if you follow the instructions to exercise; it is most likely that with exercise and an active lifestyle, you can lose more weight than than calculated.

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