Forever Garcinia Plus

Forever Garcinia Plus Weight Loss SupplementWhy Do You Have Fat?

Fat stores exist for a very practical reason, to provide us with a fuel tank. Without fat storage, you would have to eat constantly to stay alive. Should you run out of food or have to walk 30 minutes to your next meal, you would probably starve to death if you didn’t have this back-up source of energy.

Why Is It Hard For You To Burn Fat?

You have to step on the gas pedal to burn gas in your car. To avoid having fat leaking everywhere in your body, your fat tanks also wait to receive a chemical signal from you before releasing any fuel. If your body gets worn out by stress, age, or malnutrition it cannot produce the chemicals needed to “step on the pedal”. And because you cannot access your back-up energy, you feel the need eat constantly.

How Can Forever Garcinia Plus Help You Burn Fat?

Norepinephrine receptors are the “gas pedals” inside your body. In 2007, an experiment showed that naturally occurring phytonutrients in the Garcinia fruit triggered these switches and mobilized stored fat. Once the fat is broken down into smaller pieces, it becomes easier for you to use it to exercise, play, work, or keep up with your kids. In a way, Garcinia restores our bodies’ ability to function as nature intended, before we broke ourselves with sedentary lives, high-stress jobs, and super-sized meals.

Forever Living has made it easy for you to get this exotic fruit in the form of an easy-to-swallow gel capsule. Just take one capsule of Garcinia Plus 30-60 minutes before each meal (3 times a day) to get the most out of Garcinia Plus and the least out of your caloric intake!